Falling to the Future By DScully141 (16K) [William]
Rated: R
Category: MSM
Summary: Tragedy strikes as Scully finds herself dealing with the unthinkable. A shooting at a local daycare hits home and a madman threatens to rip away her family.

Lock and Key By Amy Vincent (28K) [Skinner]
Rated: PG
Category: S/SK UST, A
Summary: A deranged FBI agent holds Scully and Skinner hostage.

Only Because He Needed Us By Neoxphile [M&S's children]
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Rated: R
Category: Invasion, M/O, S/O
Summary: Mulder and Scully have not spoken for close to ten years, but as the invasion date approaches they learn that their son needs them.

Stockholm Syndrome By Nita Durham (139K) [Ally McBeal]
Rated: PG-13
Category: ScullyAngst, crossover with Ally McBeal
Summary: Mulder and Ally are held hostage by a cult called the Lost Civilization of Star Warriors.



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