And Death Shall Have No Dominion By Jean Helms (980K)
Rated: NC-17
Category: SRA, MSR
Summary: Mulder and Scully, off the X Files for now, investigate a possible bioweapons facility. What they find there puts their partnership, their investigative skills, their love and even their sanity to a test neither could ever have imagined.

Blood Ties 6: Strange Bedfellows By Dawn (268K)
Rated: PG-13
Category: XA AU
Summary: What happens when the person you despise becomes your only hope for saving someone that you love? Grey McKenzie and Bill Scully are about to find out.

Fair Enough By mimic117 (32K)
Rated: PG
Category: None Provided
Summary: What else are friends for?

A Fresh and Desolate Hell By Mar (50K)
Rated: NC-17
Category: A, MT, MSR
Summary: There was nothing anyone could do without endangering them.

Hostages By Danielle Culverson (369K)
Rated: PG-13
Category: X, S, R
Summary: Mulder and Scully are taken hostage while working undercover investigating a cult who believe they have the ability to rise to the next dimension.

Memorie del Morire By JessicaAsc (19K)
Not Rated
Category: ScullyAngst, MSR
Summary: They are taken hostage - again. But this time, Mulder's memories are not only his, but also the person who has taken them..

Of Mothmen and Militant Nationalists By 19 (61K)
Rated: R
Category: S MSR implied
Summary: Another attempt at a partnership seminar.

The Sheperd By Mo (14K)
Rated: PG
Category: A
Summary: The aftermath of a hostage situation, as seen from the eyes of an involved priest.

Sisters By Hetfield (49K)
Rated: PG-13
Category: MS UST, MT, Bill Scully POV
Summary: Set immediately after Redux II. A distraught gunman disrupts Scully's discharge from hospital.

Snow By LuvTheBeez(128K)
Rated: NC-17
Category: Angst/MSR/MSM
Summary: Mulder and a very pregnant Scully are caught in a hostage situation.

Surfaces and Depths By Branwell (49K)
Rated: PG
Category: S, A, MSR
Summary: Mulder, Scully and Skinner work undercover to trap a bomber. They have secrets and suspicions among themselves.

Unfolding By mimic117 (59K)
Rated: PG-13
Category: S, H, MSR
Summary: Just when you think you know someone...



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